Thursday, May 16, 2013

I believe in Blood Type Matters, I do

I’m writing this right now at morning, office hour, so I’m still in the sleepy mode, and I try to write about something (not so) important. Don’t laugh if I say I’m a person who believes in blood type matters, because I do.

A is for... organized, boring, piece of corporate, love to arrange everything, mr/miss know-it-all, awkward.

B is for... bastard, love to explore, never ending coolness, naturally great for everything.

O is for... alliance seeker, follower, people lover, too much in everything, preventive

AB is for... alien. That’s it.

Please please don’t overreact when I wrote everything above all wrong. I’m not actually that great for judging people from their bloodtype. But. You know... Since people are less aware of this kind of type rather than zodiac and its fantasy.... I’m getting too attached to this blood type stuff. Check this blog out: and you'll feel the same excitement as I did. Super hilarious yet freaky cute, right?? hehehehe. Even though it's so comical, but there is a real deal behind it. 

Scientific matters? Medium yes. 

Somehow it’s easier to be stereotypical, aka to be creative in this kind of freaking useless way. HA HA HA! Actually, I’m feeling like really into my blood type: O, really chatty and annoying. Guessing everyone around me about their type. Like, “Ah, you Susan... You must be a B type, coz you are such a pain in the ass, bwahahahaha.” Litterally O-people are the majority type plus also the perfect symbol of the world destruction! PLAK!

Easy, reader. This believe is over I’m going back to work. Bye!

Here, actually, is my early nap-mumbling playlist. The 2nd Day mix.
“In the Sun” by She & Him
“Rollerblades” by Eliza Doolittle
“Tender” by Blur
Heartbreak Warefare” by John Mayer
“Oksigen” by Dialog Dini Hari

woo woo woo


  1. Mba, lagu demi kapan nangkirng di postinganmu? :'(
    *nangis di pojok kantor*

  2. besok yaaa, "like a skyscannerrrrrr" hahahahhaha