Saturday, March 16, 2013

Need to tell myself...

Try not to worry about life, a bit.

Try not to lie.

Try to run everyday, as hard as you can.

Try to say yes to the ecxciting new things.

Try to eat tomato, they’re good for your health you know...

Try not to cry while watching touchy movies, but when you just can’t help it...

Try to figure out why you’re crying, the movies or?

Try to like your body/face.

Try to make new necklaces, and brachelets.

Try to listen to some new magical voices.

Try to have a pure soul.

Try to find the new style icon.

Try to think how to make big money.

Try to handle overwhelming daydream.

Try to remember about the people who love you, they love you.

Try not dissapointed in you having to deal with things beyond your control.

Try to realize that you don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to be alone.

Try to hope that he is as happy as you are.

Try to write traditional diary, again.

Try to draw more often.

Try to make a special lunch menu.

Try to find your new rocket ship mantra.

Try to set your new fun quality standard.

Try to get more creative.

Try to learn how to swim. Like, come on, you’re almost 25 and still can’t swim? SHAME.

Try to aware of what a cliche that world made you.

Try not to voice these silliness in public. Ok, you just failed.

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