Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inspiration of the Day: Keds For Opening Ceremony Spring Collection 2012

Keds, a top of mind brand of classic canvas shoes is introducing their apparel with the new colorful, timeless collection! They will be sold exclusively at the infamous retail, Opening Ceremony. 

Guys, seriously.. What's not to love? The shoes are"feel-like-everyday-is-Saturday" shoe. And... The clothes are total as casually cool! Simply genius, just like their trademark. Uuuuuuwaaaaa. It filled with stripes, rainbow hues, and polkadots! Dreams really do can come true. My eyes oh my eyes! It shines it shines! HAHAHA *.*

Okay, enough. Now take a tour for Keds Spring Collection 2012. Yibbiyabbadoo!

Photo courtesy of Keds. Other source of Teen Vogue.

woo woo woo


  1. okay, my heart goes to:
    - celana merah di foto nomor 2
    - dress dengan kerah peter pan di foto nomor 3
    - kemeja polka dot biru di foto nomor 10
    - scallop skirt di foto nomor 11

    1. Noted! They look so comfy and wearable, ouch, and so far far away uuuuuuuuuuuu