Thursday, May 24, 2012


 It’s not my fault that I care about, read about, and stalk about celebrities so much. I need them. I need to know everything about them. HAHA~  Freako.
So. When I know my favorite celebrities start blogging. It makes me closer to their reality, gives me (or any other fans out there) a peek into celeb lives and perhaps their musical taste.
Now. Let's browse this adorable list of awesomeness.
Have a great Thursday!

More photos, so much more fun and real than any paparazzi sites!
 Has anyone tried dropping by on the supermodel Tumblr. today? Here's her personal daily life. It’s actually interesting.
She's sooooo..unpredictable! Not just an ordinary "Glee" girl. Whimsical and sweet. Oww, she loves Kimbra too! *smooch*
Clean, neat, organized, made by some cool-manager team. Yep. Not really celebrity blog actually.
Sort of a peak into her fashion and beauty secret. But still be the one of my favorita u la la!
One of the coolest online magz everrr! It was started by Zooey Deschannel and two of her friends, Molly McCaleer and Sophia Rossi. Cuteness and stuffs, and I can't get enough.

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