Monday, November 21, 2011


A lot of good news today! Alhamdulillah.

First, there are a shocking news about Foster The People will be performing in Indonesia. The invitation for the press conference is just arrived safely. Foster The People Live In Indonesia 2012. WOAAAAAA!! Biarpun kabar konser di Januari nanti ini belum jelas tanggalnya, tapi tetap aja email barusan bikin saya lonjak-lonjak kegirangan! Exciting! Let me hope they're right. Because this is going to be huge!

Dang! What a surprise surprise! 

And I just find this web magazine...

Majalah online ini digagas sama blogger Tavi Gevinson yang udah lebih dulu sukses sama blog pribadinya, The Style Rookie. I find this online magazine called Rookie randomly when I searching for magazine theme on Google. Tavi is now the boss, dia punya kontributor dari teman plus pembaca-pembacanya yang loyal banget itu. Isinya juga beragam banget, dari fashion, pertanyaan-pertanyaan aneh, make up tutorial, sampai isu sensitif kayak sex. Tema-tema dari majalah yang resmi di-launch September kemarin ini persis seperti Tavi: bold, brave, 70's and rookie!

I was in a sucky mood but this made me laugh. Such a strange-but-great feeling I have after reading it.


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